Purpose and Mission

Purpose of the HAC Demonstrator Project

Our activities undertaken at MIRARCO, Laurentian University, Cambrian College and at Science North’s Dynamic Earth aim to bring the benefits of supremely reliable pneumatic power to our local mining companies. As the energy efficiency of HACs are far superior to modern mechanical air compressors, the carbon emissions, as well as the costs, will be lower too. The first priority of the project innovation program is to show how the compressed air produced by the HAC can cool ultra deep mines. Thereafter we have our sights set on even larger scale systems that produce liquefied air, or compress natural gas or even capture carbon from combustion flue gases.

Electrale Innovation Ltd: What’s our mission?

Electrale Innovation Ltd develops products that we believe will have a global impact on reduction of GHG emissions because we regard Sustainable Development as our core mission. Our strategy is to embed technological solutions for GHG mitigation within industry. Green energy solutions are no longer just reflections of passionate environmentalism; they are now alternative energy technologies only in that they offer lower costs. In developing our technologies by working with and for globalised industries like mining, we aim to infuse these benefits into those industries as we know they will enhance their financial sustainability, and at the same time help our company grow and evolve to profitability, so we can continue innovating. We think that this is the fastest way to bring about meaningful Climate Adaptation at the scale we aspire to. Through the innate leveraging of partnership working, Electrale Innovation Ltd has brought together a delivery / supply chain team that is totally committed to excellence and poised to deliver substantial value to mining Clients.